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We just took a Celebrity (Solstice) cruise to Alaska, leaving Seattle May 24, 2019. Our luggage never arrived to our room!

We finally got a call from guest relations informing us that it was still in Seattle (!) and they would fly it from Seattle to Ketchikan (third day of seven day cruise!). There were many others on the ship whose luggage did not get on. Some was left in Seattle and others had their luggage placed on the wrong ship and had to wait until Juneau (day 4 of the cruise) to get their luggage. Of course all of us only had the clothes on our backs and whatever was in our carry on.

I had pajamas, my daughter did not. She did not even have a comb or brush with her and I have short curly hair so don't use either. The staff was as accommodating as possible and gave us emergency bags and $100 ship board credit to buy stuff in their shops. Problem was there were no nightgowns or pajamas and there was not a brush or comb to be purchased in the hair salon.

Of course there was no underwear anywhere and the clothes in their shops were super expensive and ugly. So, lesson learned.......IF YOU CRUISE OUT OF SEATTLE CARRY YOUR OWN LUGGAGE NO MATTER HOW INCONVENIENT IT IS!! Incompetence abounds.

It is no fun to wear the same jeans and t-shirt for three days and explain why in the dining room. Of course the second night was the dressy night.

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