Montreal, Quebec
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October 29th, 2018 should be a good day because it is the last day of a cruise that started end will end in Rome. Usually we celebrate; not this time. We were anxious.

Bad weather messed up the last 3 days. But on the 29th, things got worse. At 3:30PM our ship broke his cords and crashed an other ship. It took 9 hours before the Cruise director advise us to leave ship if we wanted it. What a choice; for the most part, guests were returning home so we had to get our plane on time. So at 12:00AM. we waited in line with all of our luggage to get on a bus for a 5-hour drive to Rome airport at a dangerous speed for we to arrive at 8:30 . It was scarry, stressful to say the least and totally improvised.

It was a total chaos the crew unprepared for a emergency disembarkation.

Why did it take so long for the Master to take a decision that concerned the welfare of the guests ? we felt abandoned by Celebrity decisions. Clearly we were never a priority .

Product or Service Mentioned: Celebrity Cruises Customer Care.

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