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On Jan 17 2012 my brother and I went on a twelve day cruise on the Silhouette. I woke up at 5am on Jan 18 and was covered in bed bug bites I woke up my brother and he had bed bug bites also.

we called the stateroom attendant checked the beds and found no bugs I showed him the bites...he came back and sprayed the bed board. I called guest services and They said they would check for another room for us and called back. I then went with my brother to see the ships doctor. She chencked the bites and said she was 80% sure they were bed bug bites but could not be 100% sure unless she saw the bed bug.

We were moved to another room the head of housekeeping came and said to take clothing only for two days that she would see that our clothing and luggage was cleaned. My brother and I were itching and I had hives from the bites and w e were given by the doctor a tube of cortisone cream and Benadryl tablets. The rest of the cruise went downhill from there. I could not wait to get home.

On ship they gave us as comp a $40. Coupon towards dinner in one of there specialty restaurants and 24 can of soda because I asked for a soda package and 3 coupons to have our clothes washed for free. when we got out luggage and clothes back I put our suitcases in a corner of the room. When it came time to pack our things to go home anytime I handled the suitcases I would get hives.I went to the ships doctor again on Jan 28 and she confirmed the hives.

when My brother and I finally got home we left the suitcases in the garage went into the house both took showers and the clothes we had on went into trash bags. I was afraid to bring the luggage and anything that was in it into the house so we went to the dump the next day and threw everything out. I called Celebrity spoke to Wendy and after several phone calls and a 5 page letter to Celebrity I was offered a $350.00 cruise ship credit per person for our next cruise. I told her I would not be going on anymore cruises, it was my first cruise and my last.

I told Wendy I wanted my money back for the cruise for me and my brother which was $4000.00 she said she would call back..I am still awaiting for her call. my brother is a slow learner and I am his caretaker, this cruise has left him very if young on a cruise check your beds.

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Just got back from a cruise on the Celebrity Reflection--I still have the itchy horrible looking bites I received on the cruise (on my hand and arm). NOT happy about this at all.


Well we experienced bed bugs on the Constellation. It was a horrible experience, and we have been on over 10 Celebrity cruises.

It happens, and I don't think it is a rare as Rich thinks. I spent so much money making sure I did not contaminate my home.


Celebrity is one ofthe better cruise lines. It sounds like they really tried to help you out.

Anyone who is thinking of cruising, don't be put off by this odd bunk. I've been on many cruises and each one has been better than the last.

These people work really really hard at it too. Your brother should try it sometime, but something makes me think that he hasn't worked a real days work in his life.

@Rich Ringees

Grown-ups don't make fun of disabled people. It's not cool.


I was ITCHING the ENTIRE time I read this, just THINKING about how terrible it was, so sorry.. I never want to go on a cruise, that just sounds digusting. I have a fear of bed bugs and it just makes me quiver thinking of such things.